Revloch Jewel in the Crown

"Emma aka Gemma aka Gem"

DOB:  25 May 2014

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Import: Irland

Living with Eli Andrea, Mio and Nemi


Always grateful to Jean and Paul for letting me have this very, very special girl..


She is a great grand-daughter of our Bella (Bergeau Painted Lady)  who set our standard and became the foundation of my breeding,

so we have high hopes for the little gemstone in the future

     Domburg All about Me


 Kvina's Cruising the Stars   Fakaiser's Giono   Xeros van de Hoge Laer
  Fakaiser's Kiwee d'Kollier
  Bergeau Painted Lady   Corsini Matisse
  Bergeau Just like a Rainbow
 Domburg Love Affair   Domburg in Envy   Zefirelli van de Hoge Laer
  Domburg Reve d'Amour
  Talamo La Nouba   Lynx de Clairiere aux Louve
  Talamo by Design
       Revloch Weather Girl


 Vegas van Moned   Swan de la Prairie de la Sommerau   Oural de la Fureur du Crepuscule
  Jody de la Prairie de la Sommerau
  Nova Mojo van Moned   Joram du Clos de Jochnake
  Morgana-Dylan v.d. Lamar
 Zayra di Scottatura   Milton de la Clairiere aux Louves   Femto du Bois du Tot
  Eden de la Clairiere aux Louves
  Vismey di Scottatura   Giono du Bois du Tot
  Element-Bluf di Scottatura