Champion in Norway, Denmark, Holland, Ireland and the UK



Sr Kvina's Cruising the Stars


Owner: Helen and the Everquest, England


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Photo: Piia Salonen, Finland

Orion winning BIS at the UK Speciality (BSDA- aug. 2013)

Judges; Dhyllis Knight (l) Julie Fynmore (r)



Orion winning BIS at the Duch Speciality

Judge; M. Griol,  S.Dubach, I Barriero and E. Desschans


4,5 years old


4,5 years old


Photos;  Linda Collins


 Date:  Place:  Judge:   Results:
11/05-2013 Dutch Speciality  Sandra Duback  Best male and BOB, BEST IN SHOW
03/11-2012  Scotland    CAC, Best male and UK CHAMPION
16/06-2012  Ireland  Birgitte Kremser  Green Star, Best male, BOS and Group 2
11/03-2011  CRUFTS-2011, UK  Linda Collins  1st in Limit Dog Class
11/12-2010  LKA, Birmingham, UK  Margaret Pratten  CAC, Best male, BOS
20/08-2010  French Speciality-Show  -  SR-title
21/08-2010  French Speciality-Show  -  Excellent 9 in open class
22/08-2010  French Speciality-Show  -  CSAU + TAN
11/03-2010  Crufts  Mr V Salt  2 best male in Yearling Class
07/11-2009  Working and Pastoral BA of Scotland  Linda Collins  CAC, Best male, BOS

Ireland; Right: Alex av Quantos BIG-1 and Kvina's Cruising the Stars BIG-2

Both Norwegians :))

Orion at Crufts. Thanks Sophie Jouannet for this beautiful picture




2 years old

Pictures taken in France at the Speciality show



 Video of Orion.

Thanks to Kayleigh at van Moned for sharing these pics and the video with me :)))




15 months


Bilder tatt av Linda Collins - Domburg



6 months



Pictures taken by Kayleigh at Kennel van Moned


11,5 weeks



10,5 weeks




8 weeks



7 weels



6 weeks



5 weeks




4 weeks



3 weeks


2 weeks


1 week