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Owner:  Annelie, Kennel Thunderwolf, Sweden

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 Date:  Place:  Judge:   Results:
18/06-2011  DKK, int. Valby Miklos Levente  Exc, best male, CC, CACIB and BOB and the title: KBHV-2011
02/05-2011  Swedish Speciality - Ivö Craig/Julie Fynmore  Exc. 4 best male in intermediateclass with CQ   (championquality)
07/08-2010  Stockholm Hana Pisarcikova  Exc.. Honourprize

5 years old


Mr Larsson og Mike

Photos: Annelie Johansson - kennel Thunderwolf


Photo: Elise Johansson

From Ivö - 2 years old

Picture: Vivi Silvergren


Pictures taken by Lotta Olavi


From a show in Stockholm


Soon 16 months old



9 months old



7 months



6 months