Mira: DOB:  25 March 2006

 Name:  Sex:   Colour:   Others:
 HiAyre's  Leave you Breathless  Female   Red / Terv.   "Maddie"       
 HiAyre's  L'Objet d'Art  Female   Red / Terv.   "Brynn"          
 HiAyre's  C'est La Vie  Male   Red / Terv.   "Buddy"           
 HiAyre's  Good as Gold  Male   Red / Terv.   "Shadow"               
 HiAyre's  Top Gun at Choisi  Male   Red / Terv.   "Maverick"       
 HiAyre's  Talk about Town  Male   Red / Terv.   "Rudy"   
 HiAyre's  Bad to the Bone  Male   Red / Terv.   "Patch"  


  HiAyre's  Top Gun at Choisi


HiAyre's  Bad to the Bone


HiAyre's Good as Gold


HiAyre's  C'est La Vie


HiAyre's  Talk about Town


HiAyre's  Talk about Town



"Promise"  (HiAyre's Signature Design)    Mira's mum



"Alassio"  (Alassio Oridix)    Mira's dad